Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparation is very important when planning and making the future happen as smoothy as possible. It is often said that "practice makes perfect," but this wrong. You can never achieve full perfection and understanding that is part of understanding how to best practice. I never practice thinking that I have to be perfect, only that I have to do everything in my power to get as close as possible to my personal best. Once I understand this, I have some techniques I use to have the best practice possible. First, I try to not procrastinate when studying which means that instead of trying to cram as much information into my brain as fast as possible, I try to practice in intervals of times that help me think through what I am studying better and can help me think about whether I am really understanding the material or I need to go back and restudy. Not procrastinating also helps lower my stress level which in turn helps me have a clearer mind that I can use to practice. I also try to have the best setting possible when I'm studying. What I mean is that I like to study with little to no voices around. I am usually able to study with some noise around as long as it's not too distracting or will play a good music soundtrack that helps me concentrate. However, listening to other people talk is very distracting and for good reason. You should try and avoid listening to voices when practicing as your brain inertly will try and focus on the words to try and understand them. This takes focus away from your task at hand which is practicing. You want as clear of a head from distractions as this will help you take in the more critical information more smoothly into your brain. I also like to repeat the process I am learning even when I feel I understand it as I want to be as sure as possible that I will be as prepared as possible when the time comes to use the acquired knowledge. Preparing for a test is a critical part of learning and knowing how to do it is very important.

Juan from Michigan
College Freshman
Western Michigan University