Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One test preparation practice that I use is creating a "study guide" for myself, especially in classes where the professors do not provide a study guide. I go through my notes, and arrange everything in a very neat, clear order so that I am able to study and process the topic much better. This practice works for me because it allows me to see all of the topics of the test wrote out individually, and it is much more neat than the notes that I typically take during class. I also make myself a realistic schedule the week before I have a test, and I make sure I set aside plenty of time throughout the week that I will study. I make it a goal to stick to this schedule, and study during the times that I have set aside. This works for me because it allows me to have set times to study, rather than cramming the night before a test! One more practice that I use is to have a "study space". For example, I almost always study in the library, rather than in my room or anywhere else. By doing this, I am putting myself in the place that is the easiest for me to focus, and the place that I have the least distractions. This works for me because if I were to study in my room, I would have multiple different things that could be distracting me all at once, such as a room mate, television, or even just the idea of napping instead of studying! These practices may not work for every one, but they definitely help me while I am studying for any tests or finals.

Carly from North Carolina
College Freshman
University of North Carolina at Wilmington