Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking isn't always my strongest subject, but it really does help when I plan and create a system for myself to help me out when I need to study. The test preparation that I created for myself may seem extreme, but it gets me really focused. My favorite test preparation practices that seem to really work best for me are having visual aids, creating flash cards, planning my study time, and note taking. Doing all of those things help me stay organized and focused on the subject that I need to be looking at so that I can do well on the test. Having visual aids shows me what steps I should be doing to help myself and creating flashcards helps me memorize the work so that I don’t need to be reliant on looking at examples. The overall thing however that is a must to help me prepare for a test is always setting a time to study throughout the day, so that I make sure I have a chance to actually feel like I know what might be on the test without being surprised. This time includes making sure that I always have a pen and paper with me to jot down quick notes that may help me understand my test better.
I feel that without setting up some preparation practices like these I would feel extremely lost on test days. Testing makes me nervous so knowing that I studied to the best of my abilities seems to ease my mind. With that being said, not everyone will have the same methods of testing like me because everyone has different ways that help them to prepare for a test. My methods may seem a little extreme, but they help me understand what I’m looking at. I like to be extremely organized and ready to collect information that I think is important, so that I don’t waste my time looking at other things that may not be as important. For me studying is all about being focused and prepared for the unexpected questions that might be asked on the test. It never hurts to be a little bit more prepared, because it shows my teachers that I looked at old notes or examples that they gave.

Crystalyn from Illinois
High School Senior
John F. Kennedy High School