Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practice all depend on the "law of three" as I'd like to describe it. For instance, I tend to have at least 2 notebooks on me for each subject, although I say 2 notebooks I actually see the content 3 times. First, during lecture I write in the first notebook that typically is messy due to a speedy effort to write down everything. Second, prior to my alone study I already have been exposed to the content once and by using the notebook number two I rewrite everything in a cleaner and more coherent way. Third, when it is crunch time for review I don't need exert a lot of effort as I have been exposed once in class, once while rewriting and editing, and finally at this moment where I am exposed with more comfort on the topic. I tend to use this law even during the times of day. Before I go to any classes I dabble in problems, during classes I am given more material to build on, and after I am able to study it all at home. Three is typically present in all my methods of study not by coincidence it actually is what has lead me to countless successes on exams and if I even miss one number in the rotation of 3 I have found that my once high 80's and 90's turn to low 80's and 70's. I am very particular about number specifically 3,9, and 6 as well.

Nimitz from Texas
High School Senior
Nimitz Highschool