Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to prepare for tests, I rely on doing these 3 things: rewriting my notes by hand, creating a "mess sheet" to pour out all the concepts I remember and then going back to add to it, and then creating acronyms for things that I need to remember! Since I am a very kinetic learner, I enjoy writing notes by hand because I feel like typing up notes or doing them digitally doesn't engage me in the material as handwriting notes would. I enjoy writing with pen and colorful highlighters because all of the colors (and the color coordination) help my brain process and organize information. In addition to that, I like to create what I call "mess sheets" which is essentially just dumping all of the information that I know about a concept on a piece of paper in a sort of mind-mapping manner. I do what little organization and explaining that I can, and then I'll usually review my notebooks and study material and add to that mess sheet with another color marker or pen. This helps me understand what I do know, and build on some of my weaknesses so that I can be covered for the next test or quiz. It is also a good tool to use if I have to memorize general concepts. Speaking of memorizing things, I use acronyms to remember steps, parts of a process, or a collection of items or things related to a topic. I usually make the acronym related to the topic I am studying, and sometimes I'll sing out the letters and what they stand for in my head!

Quynh Anh from California
High School Senior
Del Mar High School