Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been an A+ student and when it comes to my studying I take it very seriously. I have varying studying methods for different classes like math and science and have more incommon than history and english. So my styles vary depending on what class is for. In classes like math and science I like to make a sheet with all the formulas I might be using on the test. Then I either grab an extra work sheet or make up my own problems based on all the lessons we reviewed before the test. Then I just duke it out with the practices I made for myself. I believe repetition is key. If I do similar problems multiple times I'll be able to recognize them easier on the test. For history and english I also like to practice repetition. For example if i'm taking a test on the Amendments, in history i'll write down a list of all of the amendments and what makes them so important. When they were issued and some of the people involved and the important political information. I'll probably rewrite this whole page multiple times just so I can get all the information saved in my brain. I usually do the same thing for english I rewrite the definitions of the words and all the other new things I learned that might be on my test. Just so I can get them down and have them memorized by the date of my test. Even in my other classes that aren't directly related to the four core courses. I like to repeat my work multiple times so I can get down, all the main ideas and prepare for what I might see on the test. This method works best for me because I have very good memory, and if I can get something down I can recall it and use it in future situations. My parents homeschooled me all throughout elementary and middle school. My mother always told me that test taking is all about recalling information you’ve stored in your brain over time. So my test preparation practice works well for me because I have good memory and i'm good at recalling information, and hopefully it continues benefit me.

Lola from Virginia
High School Senior
John Champe High School