Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Thank you. CHECK. Studying is a dreaded word and despised by most students because of its daunting nature. After cruising through middle school I was fortunate to be accepted to a challenging regional magnet school, and there I realized that studying and test preparation makes or breaks academic achievement. It was up to me to create a plan. So, I devised a strategy, CHECK, that helps me plan, execute, and crush any impending tests.

“C” stands for choose time to focus. Knowing that I will be studying from 5:00-7:30 pm, or from when I get out of history to when calculus starts allows me to plan out my day, approach the material in chunks (proven to be the most effective way of studying long term), and hold myself accountable. Check!

“H” reminds me to have a plan of attack. Once you know when and where you are going to study, the next step is to establish what you will accomplish. Having an objective and accomplishing it only adds to the small wins that you gather throughout the day. Check!

“E” is to create effective mnemonics and study tricks. Clearly, I am a big fan of mnemonics, but developing a system of memorization that you can recall in stressful testing situations is serious help. For me, it is easier to recall rhymes and fun tools when I am at a loss for an answer than straight facts. Check!

“C” means to be confident. You can do it! Testing anxiety and balking under pressure comes from a lack of confidence in oneself. Even if I am not 100% with the material, going into every testing situation with confidence allows me to keep a cool, clear head throughout. Check!

“K” tells me to keep going. Finally, never stop chasing your dreams. Even if this test didn’t go the way you hoped, don’t give up. Failure is not a permanent condition and you are strong. Having this attitude allows me to overcome hurdles in the road and keep on persevering. Check!

You have all the tools you need within you. Just remember to say CHECK!

Katerina from New Jersey
High School Senior
Bergen County Technical High School