Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Between one and two weeks before each of my tests, I first refer to my class syllabus so I know exactly what the test is going to be on. After carefully reviewing what material is going to be on a test, I try a few practice problems for each big idea. When I finish with the practice problems, I look at what material I struggled with, and what material I was comfortable with.
When I'm struggling with a concept, the first thing I do is I read through my notes on that subject and make flashcards for terms I'm unfamiliar with, and go through my class textbook for concepts I don't understand. When I'm not at home studying, I use quizlet to practice my flashcards on my phone wherever I am when I have free time. I find that reviewing my flashcards in places that I'm not used to studying in is very effective for me because the classroom isn't always a comfortable place to recall information due to the pressure of doing well on a test - modeling the discomfort of recalling information in an uncomfortable place helps me do well on the real thing.
After I feel that I'm comfortable with all of the terms on my flashcards, I apply that information by trying more practice problems from my class textbook. Being able to apply information memorized to a larger concept is essentially how teachers and professors develop their exams, and questions from the textbook tend to be fairly similar to exams in most cases. At this point, usually I have four or five days left until the actual exam takes place, and I have plenty of time to do practice problems in my free time without having to cram information hours before the test. After a few days, being able to apply the information comes naturally to me; at that point, I always feel confident I'm prepared for the test.

Ryan from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
University of Pittsburgh