Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practice adheres to a framework I have developed for myself throughout my years as a student. This framework can be broken up into the following steps: “Review Course & Exam Objectives”, “Review Course-provided Study Guide/Materials”, “Review Personal Notes”, and “Take Practice Exams & Review”.
The first step in my preparation process is to “Review the Course and Exam Objectives”. The stated objectives of the course and/or exam are a student’s best indicator of where they should direct their attention and focus during their time in the course. As I am reviewing these objectives, I make note of areas or competencies where I do not feel comfortable and work to increase this level of comfortability with the material.
My next step is to “Review the Course-provided Study Guide/Materials”. In my experience, a course instructor often provides a Study Guide along with the syllabus and other course materials. This is an enormous opportunity for students in the class to make sure they are focusing on the right areas and learning what information the instructor has prioritized.
The third step in my process is to “Review Personal Notes”. When I am getting towards the end of a semester, or have an exam coming up, I often find myself having conjured a plethora of related notes from lectures and other learning materials. These can be very helpful and should be reviewed prior to a course exam.
The final step in my test preparation practice is dependent upon having practice exams readily available or taking the time to make your own. I find reviewing missed questions in practice exams to be one of the most helpful practices in my test preparation framework. Often, I will make flashcards of all missed questions and review them until I am getting the questions right 100% of the time.
This test preparation framework has served me well. I encourage you to take what you like, get rid of what you do not, and customize it to fit your particularly needs. Best of luck!

Austin from Indiana
College Sophomore
Western Governors University