Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking test hasn't always been my specialty I used to dread them because I wasn't prepared or I didn't effectively study. When my test taking strategies improve so did my test scores. In order to achieve this goal i had to work towards it. I could no longer continue my bad habits of procrastinating, and waiting till the last minute to study for my exam. For example, if my instructor told the class that we will be having a test next week, I'd start studying that day. That doesn't mean that you should cram everything that day then wait till next week to take the test. More than likely you would've forgot all the information you studied. Balance is definitely key. Its important to spread out what your studying in order to be successful. The day you get the information that you have a test, set aside an hour to study each day. The time can vary according to how your schedule is, because not all students have the same free time. That has worked for me but, it is very important to stay consistent every day until test day. While I am studying I find it best to make flashcards on what I am learning. Flash cards are very helpful to learn, its a great tool for memorization, and really understanding the content. There are digital and online flash cards. A digital studying tool I like to use is Quizlet. Not only do they have flash cards but they also have practice games, and test as well. I believe taking test measure how well you know something, so while preparing for it why not make it fun. A lot of student see test as a burden but, it doesn't have to be, it is what you make it. A popular quote I apply to my life is " An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest". It is very true because in order to advance in life you will need to keep on learning. Even people in high positions like political leaders, and Principals are constantly learning. If we look at test differently, and take measures to prepare for it, It'll benefit us in the long run. Preparation is key to life.

Michelle from Texas
High School Senior
George Bush High School