Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to prepare for a test, I always do the same 4 things consistently no matter what class or the difficulty of the test. The first thing I always do when preparing for a test is to understand what's going to be on the exam so I will take time to write down all of the topics that the exam will focus on and find my weak points in each of those units. This works for me because it allows me to step back from my self-conscious and be real with myself about the things that truly give me issues and what I need to understand to be able to pass the exam. After I have understood what's going to be on the exam and my find my weak points, I then begin to look back at past assignments and notes and go through them again to jog my memory and get the topic back into the main focus. Going back over my notes helps because it is a great refresher and it clears your head of all other content from anything else that you were thinking about. It is not just simply going over my notes though I always incorporate some type of activity to help with memorization whether it be doing a puzzle or dribbling a basketball it is some type of activity that I can do without thinking too hard but the motions will help me remember what I am studying. After I study on my own I then find a group to study with whether it is people in the class I am taking or people that have already taken the class. This helps because there is always something that someone understands more than me and usually hearing it from someone else outside of the classroom makes the content easier yo understand. The last thing I do to prepare for an exam is to teach someone who knows nothing about the subject of what is going to be on the exam. Being able to teach someone shows a complete understanding of the subject and provides me with greater confidence in my knowledge of what I am doing. Overall, these are the test-taking strategies that help me the most and are the most beneficial t understanding all the necessary content.

Duane from Maryland
College Freshman
Texas christian university