Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is one of the key aspects of being successful as a student. As a student who has struggled in school from a young age, I had to become creative when it came to modifying my test studying strategies. My test preparation consists of 4 strategies; eliminating procrastination, studying in intervals of thirty to forty minute intervals, regular exercising between studying and using all the senses possible during preparation.
Eliminating procrastination helps me study by removing the anxiety that comes with the time restraint and any unexpected events (in life or related to other courses). I found that if I study as I am taught the material, I am to come familiar with the material. Familiarizing yourself with the material helps you in the way that by the time that the exam is few days away-the last days you are simply reviewing the material that will be presented. The concept of eliminating procrastination also helps convert the information given, to one’s long term memory. This helps the student be able to retain the information for a long period of time, since in most coursework, the material builds on itself.
Studying in short intervals furthermore assists by having the brain retain the information in the short amount of time and taking a mental break from the material. The brain needs time to comprehend the material for easy retrieval for later on when needed (the exam). If one were to study the material for an extended moment of time, the brain is simply memorizing the material at the moment, which would result in the brain not having time to make sense of the material.
I also make time for exercise during studying. Studies have shown that when a person exercises, the increase of oxygen that is given to brain aids in magnifying concentration. As a result, the brain is able to make sense of the material and be more focused. Being focused while studying helps the student by further analyzing the material which will result better test preparation

Bianca from Illinois
College Junior
Loyola University