Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I use a large variety of study practices when preparing for exams. Personally, as I am enrolled in engineering courses, I prefer to do a wide variety of practice problems. This includes using internet resources to find problems in common classes or using the problems provided in the back of my textbook. When studying for any exam, I additionally go back through my notes and rewrite them. It has been proven that students learn better when they write out their notes, as opposed to typing them. So when I study, I rewrite my notes because it forces me to think about how the content is structured: I do not just write word for word, I arrange my notes to be more precise and consistent. Lastly, I use a lot of study guides. Study guides help me realize what I know concretely, and what things I could stand to work on. Usually, I like to use study guides that are provided by the course or professor, or ones that I can find online. If neither option is available, I tend to make the study guides from my own notes. However, I prefer premade ones because I worry that the ones I create are missing some information. But creating them myself does present its own advantages: like with rewriting my notes, it forces me to think about the content I am sifting through and I cannot just blindly copy topics. These are the best ways I use to study, and so far, they have all been incredibly successful. I find that I am always well prepared for my exams and my stress is significantly lower than it would have been if I did not use these techniques.

Abigail from Iowa
College Junior
Iowa State University