Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The art of studying might need some study
But don’t be afraid because I’ll be your buddy
I’m well versed in this art and here to talk you through
The best study tips so you won’t be confused

Making notes is the best place to start
Concise and short to get to the heart
Summarize the info and write down what’s key
So during your test you’ll pass with a breeze

Filling pages with color is a good way to go
Highlighters out so you make your notes glow
But don’t do it random, keep colors consistent
When organizing notes, you’ll need color’s assistance

Flashcards I find especially useful
But writing too much can make it all futile
Memory improves best with active recall
Use flashcards to study and you’ll remember it all

One final tip for when test time draws nearer
Try practice questions and it’ll all be clearer
Get friends to quiz you, maybe tutor them too
Because consolidating learning is the best thing to do

Bullet points are reliable, mind maps are fun
When it comes to good methods there isn’t just one
No one size fits all, you have to keep on trying
So when time comes to test, you won’t leave the room crying

Cindy from Minnesota
High School Senior
West Island School