Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school, I had a teacher who gave us extra points if we made a notecard and brought it to class for his quizzes. His quizzes were difficult, but I did well. Some may say that this was because I got to use my notecard, but in practice, I rarely, if ever, used my notecard. The act of fitting only the most important facts from my notes onto my notecard, and then writing them down helped me to remember without even needing the support. He did this so that we would learn that the notecard wasn't necessary- the studying was. I've taken those principles through my high school career, and into my dual enrollment college courses. I find the best way to study and excel is to take detailed notes during class, and then do a "notecard" where I re-write the most important information from the notes and from the teacher. This helps me to remember even when the material is very dense and difficult to remember.

Another way that I study is by using online websites that allow you to set up quizzes and flashcards- like Quizlet. In many of my classes, when I needed to remember a term and a definition, this is what I would do. For English vocabulary, Spanish language, Math formulas, and historical dates, this was my go-to. Perhaps the reason I got a 5 on my AP US History Exam is because I utilized this resource.

For my BIG tests- like the AP exams and the SAT- I would use test preparation books and resources. These tests were incredibly important, and held my future in the scores. I would scour those books for information about strategy, goal-making, and even just facts. The utilization of these books may have been what helped me to score so well on all of my AP tests and get a 1320 on my SAT.

Regardless of which strategy I used, studying has been an essential part of my high school career- without it, I would not be where I am today. It is because of resources like Mometrix that I have succeeded academically,.

Sophie from Vermont
High School Senior
Craftsbury Schools / Northern Vermont University Dual enrollment. I'm headed to BYU in Utah for Fall 2020