Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Knowing I am going to have to take a test brings my stress levels to an all-time high. I go into my room and grab my stack of flashcards, sit in a quiet room, and start to write all the information on the front and back of them. Personally, for me, flashcards have always been a great test preparation which allowed me to get an A or close to an A on my exams and quizzes!
Flashcards are so helpful when having to prepare for a test since you can test your knowledge by putting a couple of questions on each card. Doing this allows the mind to see that there is not that much information to memorize because the more questions you put on the flashcard the fewer cards you will have. When I would do this, I would take about 20 minutes each day to go over the information, and I would just read the cards over and over again. This is great, cause when you start getting the information on the cards correct, you get more confidence. The more confidence you have when remembering the information given the better you will do on the test you are going to take.
All in all, using flashcards is great when having to prepare for a test.
I would recommend this type of study since it has helped me in the past with my exams to get an A or close to an A every time. Flashcards bring your stress levels to an all-time low.

Libbie-Ann from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Wallenpaupack Area High School