Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My top favorite test-preparation practice is simply to think ahead and pay attention to my teachers in the first place. If you both listen to what is taught and write down what is taught, information will be retained much easier. When taking notes, rather than writing down what the teacher or professor says word for word, I’ve found that if I write down my interpretation of the teachings, it is much easier to understand. By doing this, you are actually learning rather than ‘being robots’ who simply take in and spit out information. But other than that, I have three favorite test-preparation practices. Those practices are note sheets, flash cards, and chewing gum. First, I use note sheets to ensure I know all the material that will be used on the test. Where that might be enough for some, I’ve noticed that I don’t remember as well if that’s all I have. I also like to use flash cards because they force me to remember all that I have learned rather than just reading it over and over again. For me personally, flash cards also make me excited to study. It’s as if I’m playing a game that I know I’ll always win. Quizlet studies are similar, but I think the classic flashcards stimulate the brain more. As I study my note sheets and quiz myself using flashcards, I like to chew minty gum. Minty gum can help stimulate the brain and alleviate stress and anxiety. Not only do I chew gum while I study, I also choose to chew the same kind of minty gum I was chewing while I was studying while I take the test. Studies have shown that this practice both relaxes your brain and helps you to recollect information already in your brain. Through my 13 years of schooling, these methods have helped me to learn much and remember what I have learned. The whole point of school isn’t simply to pass and get it over with, it’s to help you in your life to be a good citizen and a competent human being.

Grace from Idaho
High School Senior
Madison High School