Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To start my test preparation practices, I start early so I have time to retain the information. I then take my study guide, if provided, and go through all of my old notes and lecture slides to create my own study guide for the tests. I prefer this method of test preparation as it allows me to go through the information again and collect everything together. I use highlighters to enhance vocabulary words or formulas when needed. I have done this method for every test I have had in college so far and I found this very helpful. Then I put all of the information onto flashcards and go through them at least once day everyday leading up to the test. For me repetition is the best way for me to retain information therefore I find this helpful. I will also go through old tests or practice tests, if provided, in order to try and grasp an understanding of what questions will be asked of me on my exams. I prefer to study over a long period of time in short bursts rather than cram at the last minute. I do this so I have longer time to retain the information and repeat things if needed. I am not the type of student to pull an all nighter studying for tests. I would rather sleep a little and wake up early to study that way my brain can get some rest which is crucial for a well functioning mind. Leading up to my first test of college my freshman year, I was researching test preparation tips and I found one that has really stuck with me even going into my senior year. It stated that hours before the exam one should relax and focus on something other than the subject material. The reason being that the student has already retained as much information as they could and cramming for an extra hour isn't going to help. By relaxing it has allowed me to reduce test anxiety and have a positive mindset going into the tests. My methods of test preparation practices may not work for everyone, but they have for me and I feel that I have been able to be successful through them.

Asiana from California
College Junior
Loyola Marymount University