Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for a test I like to set a week in advance to study. I make an outline of topics that will be covered during the exam, then use that sheet to study. This helps me memorize key facts and go over information that I might have missed during a class lesson. If there are problems that I do not understand, I would get the textbook of the topic I am studying for and look for a similar problem. I go over the examples in the textbook and try to find patterns that relate to the questions that I have. This helps me find answers in a shorter time span and usually ends up with me finding shortcuts to the problems. If I do not understand the textbook, I would go to YouTube and look for a video that could explain the question in an easier way. I am more of a visual learner, so by looking at videos I can process the information faster and I do not have to study as much. After I feel like I have already learned everything, I would use the internet to look for practice problems in all kinds of difficulty. If I get a question incorrect, I would wait for the next school day to ask my teacher for help. I would keep this routine going until the day before the test since I cannot ask my teacher for help on the day of the exam. Doing these test preparation practices help me succeed in my exams because not only do I study efficiently, but I take the time to actually learn the material rather than memorize the information. These test preparation practices have helped me achieve an average of about 89% in all of my exams, which makes me confident in my studying strategies.

Stalia from California
High School Senior
California Academy of Mathematics and Science