Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices have served me well over my school career, and in reality, they are very simple. My preparation consist of two things; carving out specified time each day to practice and proper use of note cards. The first step, carving out time, is me blocking out an hour or two hours of my day where I leave my house, put my phone on silent, and only study. Leaving my house and gong to a library or coffee shop tricks my brain into thinking i have a task I must complete, and I m free from the distractions of home. Being in an environment where other people are also studying is very beneficial because if I goof off or go on my phone, peer pressure gets me back on track. If I am practicing for a very hard exam, studying in a coffee shop allows me to treat myself to a pastry or special coffee after I get through a certain percentage of my work! There is little better that positive reinforcement!
The Second way I practice great test preparation is the use of note cards. Every chapter of a textbook, I write down key words and keep them in a zip lock bag. Each chapter has its own bag with note cards of key words and concepts I found challenging. During breaks at school or home, I can go though the bags and quiz myself. It is also very advantageous for others to practice test you that way as well! The small bags can be taken to doctors offices and appointments where you may have down time and require little clean up after studying! Note cards allow one to turn any time into a great time to study, and we all know the more we study, the more the information becomes wired into our brain.

LIZARAYNE from Tennessee
College Freshman