Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my sophomore year of high school, I used to never study for any of my classes. I was the type of person to pay attention in class and receive A's without additional studying. Tests were always easy for me because I had a strong memory. However, this all changed when I became a junior. I thought I could use the same methods, just paying attention in class and remembering what I learned. This didn't do me very well for one class in particular, AP U.S. History. To me, I always thought of history as a story involving key characters that affected our daily life from their actions. I was able to tell that as a result of 'this' event, 'this' happened as a result. In my AP class, my teacher would give us a lot of essays as tests. I would get grades I didn't like because I wasn't putting in enough context information or the 'why' of certain character's actions or events. I was determined to find a new method though. I started to become over-prepared for my tests. The week we would start learning about a new topic, ex. the American Revolution, I would watch videos and do more research about the key figures, and learn more about the time period from different perspectives. Before the day of the test, I knew about the key figures of the American Revolution and all the effects it had on others, politically, socially, and economically. I knew about the POV of different figures, such as Washington and Jefferson, and also knew about their background before the Revolution took place. By learning more, I was able I was able to provide more. My teacher was became fascinated by my essays. He even had me read them in front of the whole class, so they could learn how to write effectively while following the AP test guidelines. After that day, I always over-prepared for my tests doing more research and learning more than I needed to rise on top. By doing extra research no one was willing to do, I became one of the most effective essay writers in my class.

Malique from New York
High School Senior
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School