Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for a test cramming the day before a test is never the way to go, the day before a test should actually be the day you study the least, de-stress, and relax. I always start a week before the test. 7 days before the test I study for a half hour, 6 days I study for 45 minutes, 5 days I study for and hour, 4 days an hour and a half, 3 days and hour, 2 days 45 minutes, 1 day 30 minutes and yoga! By doing these amounts of time I am not overwhelming myself all week but still thinking about the test each day and will retain it better on test day. Some ways I study and depending on the class. If it is heavy in vocabulary, the website Quizlet has never failed me. Here I can enter all the words and definitions I want and then type the words over and over again until I cannot forget them. For other people hand writing is the best way to learn so make flash cards but instead of just looking at the answer write out what you think the answer is so you get used to writing it and it is ingrained in your head. For more concept type tests I like to look up videos that might teach differently than your teacher because you may find a better way of remembering and writing that down right away. Go over practice problems and if you are not provided any look up extra ones. We grow up in a time with the internet, use it to your ability. Make studying fun by making games out of it or songs, If you make a game or a song you are more likely to remember it than stressing over something. Lastly remember confidence. Going into a test confident will make you do a lot better than going into a test telling yourself you are going to fail because chances are, you will with that attitude.

Erin from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Franklin High School