Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always strived to challenge myself in school by taking difficult courses and aiming to get the best possible grades that I can. The largest contributing factor to the grade that I receive is the way I decide to study. The two study strategies that I use the most are writing out flashcards and creating my own practice tests.

Writing out flashcards is a great strategy for me to use because I use my class notes to write them. This allows me to review my notes twice because I have to read them and then translate them into flashcards. Physically writing out the flashcards is an important aspect of this study skill because I learn better with a hands-on activity. Typically I use flashcards to memorize facts from lectures where the layout is based on bare information rather than complex concepts. Flashcards are great because I can review concepts, memorize faster by writing, and they are reusable.

Creating my own practice tests is also one of the ways that I study for important tests because I can test the knowledge that I know and therefore know what topics I need to focus on. Practice tests are a great technique for me to prevent test anxiety because I alleviate stress during the practice exam. This study skill works for me because it helps me to feel extra prepared for the test because I have already taken similar ones.

Creating flashcards and utilizing practice tests are my favorite test preparation practices because I have found to have the most success with them. These techniques allow me to be able to learn by writing and reviewing the material multiple times. Using different study techniques makes studying interesting and keeps me attentive.

Hailey from California
High School Senior
Granite Bay High School