Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since middle school I have always been the type where I had to study for a test a month in advance to really get the best score. The reason is to break up what you are going over into sections, so let us say it is a history test. For the test you start off by breaking up the years you need to have learned into different sections and study a new section every day and then add on one more section every time you study then review the previous ones to keep the information fresh. This is genuinely one of the most useful techniques I use when it comes to those types of tests, as it takes off some of the pressure of having to go over so much information in a smaller time span.
Sophomore year I took my very first AP class, and boy was I struggling more than ever. I barely made it every nine weeks with an eighty, AP Lang was a new level of dedication. Despite knowing I was not the best I still signed up for the AP exam. This time learning information was not going to help but instead practice was what I needed, so I did. My teacher gave me a practice test book with tons of practice tests in them. I started two months before the AP exam and did about two full tests per week on top of the ones she was giving out in class. Finals came around and I ended up with a three on her mock exam and a three on the actual AP exam.
Last but not least we have my personal favorite test preparation practice, and it is using a Quizlet. The amount of times that Quizlet helped me last minute study for a test the day of is countless. It makes studying more interactive for students who have a hard time focusing the traditional way of reading the textbook. I loved Quizlet and if I could use it to study for any test you better believe you would see me making a study set for whatever unit I needed to learn. I definitely change the techniques I used to prepare for a test depending on what it was, and I think that is the way it should be as not every subject can apply to the same technique.

Yumira from Georgia
High School Senior
Columbus High school