Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to actually preparing for a test, there are several strategies I would use. Firstly, I would skim over all the chapters covered in the test. That doesn’t take terribly long and just serves as a refresher on all of the information. After that, I would take 1-2 practice test(s). Practice tests can be found for any class or standardized test online, in on-campus test banks, or in your textbook. This applies to pretty much any class. After I take the practice tests, I would review what I got wrong. The questions I got right, I would essentially ignore. That’s how I would know I have that material mastered, and would not have to worry about it too much. The questions I missed, even partially, I would go back to the textbook or other applicable study materials, and figure out which chapter/section that information is in. I would make a review sheet based on all my wrong answers, and what parts of the textbook are relevant to those. After that, I would go through, review those areas in extreme detail, and repeat. I would take another practice test, make a new review sheet, and go back through. After doing this three or more times, I could consistently get above 85% on whatever test I am studying for. If you are happy with that, then you are ready to take the real test. If not, just keep repeating that process, keep grinding, until you consistently get the results you’re aiming for. It does take some time, but it has been very effective for me. I hope that works for anyone that ends up reading this. Good luck.

John from Texas
College Junior
University of North Texas