Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In one of my biology classes my teacher gave us a presentation in the beginning of the semester about test preparation. One of the points that she had brought up was how senses and study methods can change the way we perform on a test. She had told us that if we study a certain way and also study with certain things that it can boost our scores because it can help us remember more what we studied. She showed us a study about how the sense of smell and taste can change the way we test. This was a pretty far fetched idea in my mind but it was also intriguing with me. In the study they tested a group of students and had some of them eat a certain snack that was small and savory to them. The ones that didn’t eat a snack would study normally going over information and reviewing. Then these students were tested based off the information that they were studying. The students who studied with a snack were allowed to bring that snack with them to the test. The results showed that the majority of the students that studied with a snack had a higher average as opposed to the others who didn’t. So I decided to try this method while also going over the information once so it can help me retain the information longer and more of it. So on the next biology test that i had coming up I went over the information 3 different times and studied with some gummy bears. When the test came up I took my bag of gummy bears with me. Usually on tests I get around a score of 85-93 even when I study 3 or more times. On this test though I ended up with a score of 97 which was really crazy to me. In fact even my other friends who tried this method out with me got a high score as well. So since then whenever I have a major test coming up i ask my teachers if I can bring a snack to eat and I explain to them why it helps and even show them the study. Most of them say yes and allow me too. This has helped me a lot on my tests like the SAT, finals, mid terms, and other tests.

Vincent from Texas
High School Senior
Harlandale STEM ECHS