Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years I have learned that test preparation is critical to succeed on a test. Prior to entering to college I would just show up to a test and receive an A, well college is a whole different experience. The test preparation practices I've adopted over my 3 years of undergrad have helped me tremendously and provided results I'm proud of. First and foremost, I always use the tools and resources the instructor provides that will help on the test. In most cases the review the instructors post almost every time help me in securing the best grade possible. In those cases I recommend going back to the material and reviewing outside of class until you fully understand it. This method works for me because it allows me to understand material that the instructor fully explain during class. Sometimes instructors may have a different method of teaching so I've found asking fellow classmates for help is very useful. Your fellow classmates may be able to help you in a way you can better understand. Additionally, you could form a study group to study for the test. Another great test preparation practice is attending the study sessions that are available at most schools and universities. These sessions in place are essentially tutoring held by very knowledgeable individuals in the subject. I've personally attended a few sessions and felt very confident leaving knowing I'm prepared for the exam. Last but not least I know it can be frightening but if possible ask the instructor for a one on one session for extra help. All these have been utilized by me and guaranteed me a great grade on my exam when I've used them. Ultimately practice of the material and some effort is all it takes for good results,

Steven from Texas
College Junior
University of Texas at San Antonio