Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Finding study techniques that are successful for you can take many trial and error attempts. For me, it took some time to find the right combination that helps me succeed. I experience the best results by repeatedly viewing the subject matter. I use the following method to prepare myself to pass any test. Anytime there is material I need to learn, I immediately write down many notes on paper. Next, I condense those written notes and format them onto index cards. Then, I create digital flashcards by entering the condensed information into an online service which allows me to study anywhere at any time.

I divide the information into small sections. By doing this, I can make the studying process simple and more efficient. Each day, I pick a small section to study. After flipping through the digital flashcards, I use the practice test generator located on the website. Then, I take the practice test and see what information I already know through the previous steps. I remove the content that I have learned, so I can focus on the information I have not retained. Next, I alternate using digital flashcards and taking practice tests. Each time, I remove the additional learned information until all subject matter is complete. Once I have learned all the information, I take another practice test covering the entire section.

Day by day, I study a new section of information. Once I have studied all sections, I take another practice test on all the material combined. If I get all questions correct, I stop studying as much. Every day leading up to the test, I continue taking practice tests on all the material to ensure the information stays fresh in my mind. After trying this method a few times and having positive results, I decided that this would be my permanent study technique. By continuing to use this, I have witnessed nothing but positive results with high test grades.

Bethany from West Virginia
High School Senior
Princeton Senior High School