Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to taking courses I take notes in my notebook for every class. I divide my notes into sections depending on what kind of material we learn in the course. For example, in my Latin class, we would learn vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. So I would split my notebook up into three sections, the first section would be for sentence structure, the second section would be grammar, and the third section would be vocabulary.
So for the vocabulary I write down the words and definition in the back of my notebook as we learn the words then at the end of each week I make notecards, sometimes physical sometimes digital on quizlet and I review all of them at the end of the week after I make them so I am more familiar with the content. This then helps me understand the class and the grammar content.
The grammar practice would take up a majority of my notebook for Latin. When we learned new grammar practices such as nouns and pronouns and the different kinds of pronouns I would write these down using a 4-step process. I would write down the actual pronoun and what kind it is in parentheses. Then I would write down the definition and meaning of the pronoun, looking at how it translates. For the final two steps I would write down the example the teacher used when using the pronoun and then make up my own example of how to use the pronoun. For the sentence structure, most of the time this would be a combination of the grammar and vocabulary I used so I would use the front of the book to practice this.
Using this method to organize your work you have easier access to all the course material. Therefore when you get a study guide or test checklist you can easily refer to your notes to review something you're not 100% sure of. Memorization using flashcards and regularly reviewing your notes in your notebook is the best method to study. It prepares you over the long run for the course and reviewing the content as if you're learning it for the first time again helps.

Ajala from Washington
High School Senior
The Overlake School