Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout the course, I look through the syllabus to know what chapters and topics we will be covering and look at when the tests are scheduled. Depending on the teacher and their test giving style, I prepare differently.
For math tests I go through the textbook or look for online worksheets to practice and memorize when to use specific formulas. This helps because math problems are generally the same with the exception of what numbers are used. This means that the more problems I practice, the more familiar I will become with those type of problems when the test comes around.
For English and Reading tests, I generally prepare by reading the required materials and overlooking notes. Those tests tend to be on a specific story or concept, so it is best to review what was done in class. I also try to read more books in general to increase my vocabulary to make my writings better.
Science test preparation includes memorizing any specific terms that I need and going over concepts. Science test preparation is similar to math and English preparation for me.

Sophia from Maryland
High School Senior
Academy of Health Sciences @PGCC