Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In December 2019, I earned my Private Pilot’s License. To do so, I was required to pass a 150-minute knowledge exam, an oral exam, and a standards check-ride, not to mention the required minimum of 40 flight hours, including solo and night time. I studied well over 200 hours to pass these with flying colors. While doing so, I was also studying as a straight-A student in honors and dual-credit courses. With my experiences, I discovered the test preparation practice that works the best for me is flashcards and practice exams.
In addition to aviation, I am also a varsity student-athlete and an active member of my community, so I am often studying on the go. Flashcards work well for me because they offer many levels of interaction. I can create the flashcards by writing the information, which contributes to the repetition needed to retain information. I can then use my flashcards visually by quizzing myself, playing matching games, or having a partner quiz me. Flashcards allow me to assess my progress by asking how accurate my answer was to the flip-side. I have found that by going through a practice exam after studying with flashcards, I can simulate the pressure of a testing environment and revealing correct answers only after completion.
I plan to continue using these successful test preparation practices throughout my college education, as I attend the top-rated University of North Dakota as an out-of-state freshman studying Commercial Aviation. I am taking on the responsibility of self-funding my education, which I have been preparing for throughout my scholastic career by earning perfect grades, participating in varsity athletics, and volunteering in my community; I am told I will likely graduate as the valedictorian. I am eager to continue pursuing my dream career, but I need your help to do so. Aviation fees alone will add $15,000-$25,000 each year. I believe I am a worthy candidate for this scholarship and I will contribute to the success of your program.

Sonja from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Oshkosh North High School