Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I have an upcoming test, I use the app Quizlet or Kahoot to help me study. Quizlet helps me prepare for a test or quiz by letting me enter in words and their definitions to create my own study set. The app then asks for the date of the upcoming quiz or test and changes the study set based on that information. You take practice quizzes in small sets to help memorize what each word means. Once passing each set more words get added into the mix, even ones that you missed in the previous set, until you are able to memorize everything you put into the original study set. Once memorizing all the words you have the option of taking a practice test that shows results at the end. This app helped a lot with tests that had to do with matching words and their definitions. The app Kahoot is kind of like Quizlet except for they have pre-made study sets for all subjects that include pictures, word definitions, equations, and more. This app is really good for a quick review before a test or quiz. It is also fun to do in class because it helps with getting the teacher to explain more about topics that might've had a lot of wrong answers.

Gabriella from Virginia
High School Senior
Robinson Secondary School