Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices differ depending on my class subject. My favorite class and method of studying involves my foreign language classes. I will first use the Quizlet to study using virtual flashcards to learn the translations. For my Spanish class this is relatively straightforward and enjoyable. For my Mandarin class I translate the flashcards from pinyin (letters for pronouncing characters) into English. After I have memorized the translations, I will then begin writing each word on a white board. The repetitiveness of rewriting and erasing the characters and the English translation helps drill in how to write a word in Mandarin and it helps me learn to recognize what each character represents.
I take a different approach in my STEM classes. I will typically ask my teacher for extra examples to work on at home with my Honors Physics and AP Statistics class. The next day either I will stay after school or come to school early so that my whichever teacher can go over the questions I didn't understand. After I have gained an understanding of the material, I will still continue to meet with my teachers after school. Study groups typically form in a teachers classroom near the test date so I am able to help other students learn the material while still being able to receive answers to questions that I hadn't thought about. I found that these study groups are one of my favorite ways to study as well, just as long as I have a relatively solid foundation in the topic.
STEM and my foreign language classes are some the classes that I tend to struggle harder in. Yet I have learned that repetition is the way that I absorb information best. My hard work has lead me into graduating with an Honors Diploma from the state of Ohio, earning AP credits, and receiving over a 4.0 GPA. The key to perfecting Test Preparation is to learn what studying method works best for you.

Madyson from Ohio
High School Senior
Fairfield High School