Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Always go to class and when you go to that class you sit front and center because it’s fewer distractions and it gives your professor a better first impression of you. Go see your professor once a week, either by the office hours that are scheduled or by appointment. Professors are there to merely benefit you, and when you go to your professor’s office hours you will more than likely receive first-hand info.
This last part is broken into parts; this is a proven method for academic success. The first part is called Bullet Point Reading (BPR). What you do is read 1-7 days before going to class, when your professor teaches this topic, you’re already familiar with it. When reading, summarize important details into 3-5 words, so it’s easier to remember. The next part is the Bullet Point Notes (BPN). BPNs are when you break down the notes you’ve taken in class, summarize these in 3-5 words as well. Usually when you’re taking notes in class, you’re writing down long sentences, and 9 times out of 10 you don’t even know what these sentences mean. That’s why BPN is so beneficial. The next part is your homework, you should always start your homework the day it is assigned. It’s better to attempt the problems your professor lectured on that day because your memory is at its best, and the next time you have the class you can ask your professor for help on the questions you had an issue with. Bullet Point Concept or BPC is when you go over your previous homework assignment and exams. When doing BPC, you always want to answer, “why is this the correct answer?”
This ties back into step 2, you would like to take all of your BPRs, BPNs, and BPCs to your professor's office hours. This shows your professor that you are actually trying to learn what they’re passionate about. This can cause your professor to be more lenient on your grades. Keep all of your notes into one notebook. You won’t have to pull all-nighters or cram all of this information into your brain night before.

Yakora from Florida
College Sophomore
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University