Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think I have great test preparation because I always feel super prepared going into the test! Not every time will I necessarily get the grade I want but I never feel overwhelmed going into the test. It depends on what I am studying for but to start I'll talk about chemistry! When I am studying for a chem test, I always start studying at least a week if not a week and a half in advance because it allows me to study an hour or two a day and not 8 hours the last day which helps you retain so much more information. I start by going through the notes to help refresh what we are learning into my brain. Then after that I open up the problems we had to do for homework and I go through those without looking at the answer key. If I get one wrong those are the ones I do the next day. After two days then I go back and do all the problems again so that the ones I got right the first time stay fresh in my mind! If I am studying for a math test its the same process, I look at the notes and then do the problems but with math I break them up into sections because working on 6 different sections at once is too much. If I have a comprehension or a reading quiz I make flash cards or if we had to read a book after each chapter I write what it was about so that I always can go back and read those and have a better idea of what I read if I forgot. The biggest thing that works for me is not doing it all in one day, I need to break things up and do it over a course of a week or two and I always do better on exams because I didn't cram it all into my brain in one day.

Alexandra from Minnesota
College Freshman
University of Wisconsin La Crosse