Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

This might be unusual, but my test prep starts with food. Studying for most people only includes sight and sound, trying to look at words to memorize and recite them so they can hear them out loud. I have tried this method in past years and found it to be ineffective and a waste of time. Instead of using sight and sound, I include taste and smell for a more powerful impact on my brain. For example: I am studying chapter 3 vocab words. I put peppermint candies at the end of the chapter and test the words to see if I understand them. If I understand the words from my self test, then I reward myself with the peppermint candy.
Peppermint is known to increase alertness, motivate oneself, and make one less tired. The peppermint scent makes topics easier to understand by making them more clear and easier to remember. While receiving these positive effects of peppermint, my mood also changes due to the simplicity of the peppermint taste. The minty flavor instantly calms me down and changes my mood from whatever it was to instantly merry. You might ask yourself “Is this peppermint candy strategy not similar to the chewing gum strategy?” Yes, it is. They are definitely similar and based on the same concept of smell and taste. But, I found the gum strategy to not be as effective as my peppermint candy strategy. The peppermint candy strategy has an effect that exceeds my expectations and I have yet to find another food to do the same.
To go along with my food studying habits, I make sure I am in the same room at all times. I do not study in my bed because I think of sleeping. I do not study in my kitchen because of the distractions from different foods and aromas. I study in my piano room because I gave it the title “study room” and my brain can focus easier in this environment.
I make sure I have my peppermint candies to increase my senses, take my books to the piano room, and make sure the environment is quiet so I stay focused at all times.

Koby from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Richland High School