Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am great at preparing for tests because I like to keep a list and I have a routine that I follow when I prepare for testing. First, I start by writing my notes and then proceed to rewrite them three times so that I memorize them better and soak in the information After doing that I like to go on youtube and depending on what the topic is, I search up videos that have made the topics into songs. This works best for me because I have difficulty remembering all the things that I have learned from my notes, but when those notes are turned into song lyrics I have an easier time remembering them because there are tunes to it. Remembering songs is much easier thank remembering a whole notebook worth of notes but they are only good enough to remember the broad ideas of a topic. Which is why I will use songs to remember a broad summary of the topic while to fully understand the details of the topic, I first look at the notes I have written down three times. Then I proceed by making analogies and compare them to everyday life to make it simpler. This is the best way for me to study because not only will it be fun and easier for me to remember but that it is also simple. When I make studying more complex, I start to forget and my mind wanders off but when I am able to make the topic simple and easy then I starts learn more but also have a sense of curiosity to study more.

Kris from Texas
College Freshman
Texas A&M University College Station