Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Confident and Prepared
I shook nervously in my chair as the teacher passed back our tests. Reluctantly, I flipped the stapled pile of papers to reveal the front page. My hope faded away when I spotted the big, red letter of doom. What went wrong? I thought I’d studied so thoroughly. Maybe, all I needed was a different study strategy. At my homeschool co-op, I gradually developed test preparation techniques that helped me immensely.
I found my favorite study habits by understanding how I best take in information. I discovered three categories of learners: auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. Auditory learners comprehend best through aural speech, while kinesthetic learners prefer a more hands-on approach. Lastly, visual learners gain knowledge through seeing their lessons. After careful self study, I realized I was visual.
Because I’m a visual learner, I find that taking notes in class helps me in my studies greatly. When a teacher lectures, I have trouble focusing and understanding their words completely. However, If I write notes on the teacher’s lesson, I’m far more likely to remember what I’ve learned. Additionally, I find it beneficial to read the assigned textbook and form a neat, color-coded set of notes. These book notes are generally more complete, including the teacher’s main points as well. Eventually, I move on to quizzing myself. When I was little, my mom showed me a simple, yet valuable trick to test my memory. I fold a single sheet of paper in my notebook towards the inner spine. I then write a question on one line and flip the folded paper over to write the answer on the same line, but opposite side. This is how I keep my notes and quizzes together in a more organized manner compared to individual note cards shoved in my back pack. The processes of reading, writing, and quizzing train my brain to remember and understand the material. After I have completed these important steps, I take my test confident and prepared.

Shelby from Arkansas
High School Senior