Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My greatest test preparation practices is simply copying my notes over and over again. I turn on some instrumental music, and copy my notes on scrap pieces of paper to not only remind myself of what I learned, but when I re-write the notes I remember more of it. I continue to re-write my notes up until the test because the more I do it the more muscle-memory I gain from constantly rewriting my notes. I like doing this test preparation practices because it is easy and reliable. It also ensures that I have to pay attention in class in order to get sufficient notes. After I re-write my notes enough, I then cover my notes and write everything I remember from memory. This is very helpful because, again, I am practicing that muscle memory by writing down my knowledge, and it is an easy way to see what I have learned and what topics I need to work on!

Maggie from Missouri
College Junior
Marquette University