Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test time can be such a stressful time and can lead to lead to confusion and anxiety. I have always suffered from testing anxiety throughout my academic years and I still do. However, I've always strived to dominate my tests and study very hard for them. I try to study at least 2 weeks in advance by slowly zoning in on the material as well as applying the material to real world examples and the textbook readings. Nothing is better than a great study group as well. It's great to have great friends that are within your similar studies that you can study with. Having additional knowledge from other individuals is a great way to help understand the material for a test and discover what information may need to be review further. After a week countdown from the exam, I review my material within sections. By sectioning off the material, the material for me, sticks more and I have a better grasp of the information. By having little breaks from each section, the material is better understood by an individuals. Also, on the day before an exam, cramming is not needed. This is the worst thing for students and studying after 8 pm could lead to loss and confusion of information for the exam. Study tips and preparations are different for everyone and are helpful in their own ways. These tips always worked for me because the material could be related to the real world and could be further applied to my majors. I always tried to further understand the information to further my education.

Timara from South Carolina
College Sophomore
College of Charleston