Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One way I have really started studying Is by studying day by day before an exam. I was a dual credit student and took Biology at a college and I found it very difficult to grasp onto. On the first few tests, I would try to cram and I ended up making grades that were 32-50. When we transferred online I knew it was a chance for me to change my ways. I began studying every day after lectures and going over powerpoints on my own while writing down and interpreting the slideshows in my own way. With that, I learned more and have a better retention rate than I did before and I even began teaching my peers! Whenever I took a test like my ACT I found that study sessions that were normal just were not working, I had been struggling and I had dozens of books. One way to help prep for that properly was to find a book that worked for me! It was hard but I found a book that caught my eye and let me focus on subjects I struggled with. Thanks to finding something that fits me personally I was able to raise my English portion of the ACT from a 28 all the way to a 32!

Khloi from Texas
High School Senior
Frontier High School