Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was campaigning to reach 20 members in my Quizlet class in seventh grade, I never expected that today, I would have 348. My sister, my best friend, and I created the “Manhasset Class of 2020” Quizlet so our classmates could easily share online flashcard sets with each other and then study them on the go.

I started using Quizlet in 5th grade, and I have made at least one Quizlet for every single one of my classes since then. It's not just index cards; it's an organized, innovative study guide that can be used as a game or practice test. Although I have this class where anyone in my grade can add a set, for most of my tests, I prefer to make my own Quizlet. One of the most effective parts of the studying process for me is going on a scavenger hunt through all my assignments and classwork to find the main points and then constructing the most comprehensive definition as possible.

Once I complete my research, the set is available on any device. I can study anywhere, so I study everywhere. I flip through the terms on my way to school, when I’m bored on my phone, or in the library. This repetition not only leaves me prepared for test day but more importantly leaves me feeling prepared for test day. When I walk into my class confident, instead of being distracted by the difficulty, I am able to focus and perform well.

These test preparation practices not only worked well for me but have helped my whole grade. Personally, I was awarded Salutatorian and accepted into my dream school. I know my study skills were essential to maintaining my perfect 4.33 unweighted GPA while I was a varsity athlete and held leadership positions in many extracurriculars. My classmates know my alter-ego slytherin07, my Quizlet name, and they eagerly inform me every time they use one of my sets. During the times I wasn’t able to make my own set, many of my classmates shared their own. Our culture of collaboration truly strengthened us all, and for that, I am grateful.

Sydney from New York
High School Senior
Manhasset High School