Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparation practice is flashcards. By writing down the information down on the flash cards it allows me to start remembering them. After I am done writing them down, I can start going through them. If I know the information, I can put them in one pile. If I don't not know the information, I can put them in a different pile. When I am going through all of the information I can pick up the pile that I did not know so I do not have to keeping going over information that I do know. After I learn the information that was complicated, I can put all of the information together and go over it all once more. Flash cards are portable and can be studied everywhere. There are my favorite technique to study with.
My second favorite studying technique is the website quizzlet. I can start learning information by typing it down in flash card form into the website. Afterwards, I hit create and it creates flash cards. Not only does it do this, but if I get tired of the flash card proportion it has other modes to study in. The website creates games and test simulations. By taking part in the games and test simulations, the website narrows down what exactly I need to study more. The test simulations and games are a fun and creative way to learn rather than just reading through information. Just reading though information can make me loose concentrate. Switching it up on the website keeps me focus and entertained.
My third favorite way to study, is having someone help me. Instead of just reading it, it is sometimes better other someone say it. I also enjoy when people can read a word and I can give a definition. Sometimes by just reading it myself, I lose focus or I remember where it is on the study guide on accident. If I remember where it is and not the definition, I will not know it on the test. If someone else is going over the information with me they can switch up the information, so I will have to know it. It is a good idea to have many studying techniques.

Audreana from Iowa
College Sophomore
Iowa Wesleyan University