Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for a test I always stick to two consistencies: organization and scheduling. When I first lay out my studying plan for a specific test, I gather all the information I need and put it on one sheet of paper; not only does writing information down let you remember it better but it also makes the process of studying much less stressful. Then I go to "phase 2" of organization and organize all the information into different studying outlets. I always use note cards for studying vocab words since it's easy to do by yourself and you can go through the cards whenever you have some free time. For the rest of the information that are not just the definitions of words, I'll type the questions into a document and print out several copies so that I can answer the questions to the best of my ability and use a new sheet each time until I can answer all of them with no help. Now that I have all my information in clear and concise formats, I plan a schedule for when I will study. You must keep in mind when the test is and what other work you have to do between now and the test. Once I put on my calendar when the test is and count how many days until then, I lay out all the other work and obligations I have. Based on that information I set aside a certain amount of time a day when I can sit down and study. It may differ day to day and that's okay as long as I give myself at least ten minutes to make sure I can get through everything at least twice. The night before the test I make sure I know all the information I need to and that there's nothing I need to brush up on. The whole point of my test preparation practice is to ensure very low stress by having an organized studying schedule and formats and feeling prepared on the day of the test. By laying out all the studying techniques I explained for yourself, you allow yourself to breathe and feel like you are easily able to consistently study and succeed on your test.

Juliana from North Carolina
High School Senior
Durham School of Arts