Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a high school senior. In my 4 years of high school I have taken numerous class courses and might I say I am the worst at test taking. Quizzes I pass wonderfully and homework is always a way to recover my grade but I hate to say it. I've failed a few. That was until I decided I needed to take the initiative and develop a new learning routine to help me not fail tests or barely pass them but to leave with no lower than a C+. Let's start with my second worst subject French. I've taken french for 2 years as it is a requirement in my state that if you're attending a 4 year college you need 2 years of a language. I chose to take french because ultimately I plan to study abroad in France so I sought it best to learn some of the language . French isn't like Spanish or Italian and nowhere near English for I've taken both Italian and Spanish for 3 years total. So i needed a way to make sure i learn the French and understand it. A few sites I use are the amazing quizlet. I do the flashcards first and then the match. The match is super fun because it's timed and there are multiple phrases that need to be matched up. Another website I like to use is Quizizz.com. It's a super fun interactive website where you can write the question and there's 4 options to pick. It grades you like a quiz and shows you the correct answers when the quizz is finished at the bottom. Quizzizz.com is great for not only french but for any other subject such as social studies , biology , physics ect. The old fashion flash cards work just as well though but this way makes it super fun. Now for my final despair of Calculus I can't use the same sites as I do for written courses so I like to use khan academy or IXL both these sites are very interactive when trying to learn math not so much fun but i like that there are rewards given and intended to help you want to learn more.

Storm from New Jersey
High School Senior
Hackensak High School