Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a big test or exam, I personally like to study in groups and make games out of it. I am both social and competitive by nature, and I like to use studying methods that benefit a group of people. For example, if I’m studying a heavily vocabulary based test, I will get a group of two or three people together and we can race to see who can name the word from the definition first on a flash card. When studying for math, chemistry, and physics exams, I like to find practice problems online and get people together to collaborate on how to solve the problem before solving it individually and comparing answers. In addition to how exactly I choose to study, I also find it important to study in the right environment. I like to choose somewhere with few distractions and food available. Usually I will get friends together at the local coffee shop or a park. Almost as important as studying for exams is being able to focus on exam day. That’s why I always avoid cramming the night before and make sure I get lots of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

Carli from Florida
High School Senior
Mckeel Academy of Technology