Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying can be very stressful when you look at all the papers, notes, and lectures you need to go through. I calm my anxiety first by creating a checklist to make sure I go through all materials that has been provided to me. Having a checklist calms my nerves because I know this way I wont forget to review anything. Typically it will tell me to go through my notebook, through google classroom, and read the following chapters in my textbook or Crash Course book. Once I have everything organized, I'm ready to start studying. I typically like to open a new document on Google Docs and name it “Study guide unit...”. The information I put in this doc is only information I have forgotten or need more review on. I figure out what I need to put there by going through my checklist and reviewing the material. For example, if i'm going through my notes and I read something I have no recollection of or struggle to understand, I type it into my study guide. While typing, it also helps me practice and study it. Once I visit my notes or read the textbook, I don't want to have to revisit it so instead it goes into the study guide. Later in the day, I might review my lectures and see that the same topic comes up. Possibly in the lecture there is more detail or something is written clearly, I can go into the study guide and locate where I wrote about that concept earlier and put them next to each other. I like my study guide technique because it combines and organizes all my notes and lectures into one place. Instead of jumping from notes, to textbook, to lecture I have all of it together and organized. I am no longer jumping between different sources of media to grab my information on the same concept. This makes me feel very organized, calm, and prepared. In the end when the checklist is completed, I can go through my study guide and review. Once I am confident in a certain area I can remove it from the study guide. I do this continuously until everything is deleted. Im then ready.

Danielle from Illinois
High School Senior
Vernon Hills High School