Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Students are required to do a great deal of studying to do well on tests. There are a variety of ways to study, but I found one way that allows me to understand the differences and the similarities in the material I study. I am a nursing major and my favorite way to study for my classes is to make charts that compare the topics I learned. For example, this past exam we learned about different vascular diseases. I made a chart with each disease in the left column. In the rows I differentiated them by their definition, psychophysiology, clinical manifestations, and nursing considerations.
These charts allow me to compare all the various conditions and understand how they are similar and what clinical manifestations and nursing considerations are different. These differences help me determine what is the most important thing I need to know as a nurse. Rewriting all the conditions down also allows me to recollect the material learned in class. Another benefit to the charts is it can be folded along the lines to make flashcards. The word will be on the one side and I can test myself on the content on the back.
In all my college classes these charts have allowed me to organize my thoughts and prepare for tests to become successful in class and in the future.

Dharma from Connecticut
College Junior
University of Vermont