Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

High school is where I learned mechanisms for studying and preparing for tests and quizzes. it became obvious to me that in order to succeed in school I needed to put in the effort to absorb all the material I was learning. Finding my own study skills that fit my needs based on the curriculum being taught I followed the 10-24-7 study plan. Each set of personalized notes I took from lectured and reading I would use this skill to understand the information. The "10" in this algorithm represents a pause in note taking ten minutes after the initial note taking begins. This pause allows me to go back into the notes I have began taking to highlight key terms, and ideas I have already received. This is helpful because I can review my notes in smaller amounts instead of reviewing them all at once when I have finished. The "24" in the algorithm is known as 24 hours after taking the initial notes. After a full day I go back and read my notes to understand the concept of them. I then write a summary detailing main ideas and key points taken from the notes that I feel are most important in remembering. The "7" in the algorithm infers the amount of 7 days after taking the notes. After 7 days, usually before a upcoming test or quiz, I go back and right questions that can be answered using my notes that could potentially be on the upcoming test. This prepares me for high level questioning and thought process so that I am most prepared and informed for my test or quiz. I have followed this study guide for my entire high school career and I believe is is most helpful for my educational success and that it should be taught worldwide.

Tayler from Oregon
High School Senior
McNary High School