Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To adequately prepare for a test, paying attention in class is the first step. During class (or online if it is an online class) reading the materials, listening to lectures, and taking thorough notes are crucial to prepare for a test. This is the initial step that is important for success when preparing for a test. After the initial knowledge is gained on a subject from class or readings, the actual test preparation begins. To prepare for a test, I have found it beneficial to make flashcards or Quizlet flashcards to learn vocabulary, formulas, and/or concepts depending on the course. Whether a student uses paper or online flashcards is completely up to the student as it depends on preference. Another way to prepare for a test is to review your notes. Notes are a great way to study because they are the key points from lectures and reading materials. Keeping notes organized is important. This can be by using color coordination, bullet points or stars to mark specific topics, and rewriting notes to group common topics together for more efficient studying. Timing is another important focus for effective test preparation. When preparing for a test, it is extremely important to space out study sessions. Look ahead to see when a test is upcoming, and then make a realistic study plan to follow. An example of this is as follows: spend two weeks before the test organizing notes, creating flashcards, and reviewing; spend the week before the test practicing the flashcards and studying notes for thirty to sixty minutes a day (this time can also be broken down into segments, such as four-fifteen minute sessions of studying a day, to provide flexibility of time). Also, utilize any study and test preparation resources given by professors. Professors will often give study guides to offer the student specific areas to focus on during test preparation. Each of these test preparation strategies have been extraordinarily useful to me as I have prepared for tests.

Sara from North Carolina
College Freshman
Johnston Community College